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Социолог: "Государство в России неизмеримо хуже населения".
(Мое интервью Медузе про ценности россиян, и куда они их засунули в последнее время)

Политолог: "А чего неизмеримо-то? Измеримо, измериииимо..."

(В. Гельман: лекция о недостойном правлении в Гайдар-центре).
Статья, на которой основана лекция http://tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/1060586X.2015.1071014 . Новое слово в науке об устройстве таких режимов, как наш, вообще-то.

The following are the foundational principles of post-Soviet neopatrimonialism as a politicoeconomic
order that defines features of political regimes and mechanisms of governance:
(1) Rent extraction is the major goal and substantive purpose of governing the state at all levels
of authority.
(2) The mechanism of governing the state tends toward a hierarchy (the “power vertical”) with only
one major center of decision-making, which claims a monopoly on political power (the “single
power pyramid”) (Hale 2014).
(3) The autonomy of domestic political and economic actors vis-à-vis this center is conditional; it
can be reduced and/or abolished at any given moment.
(4) The formal institutions that define the framework of power and governance are arranged as
by-products of the distribution of resources within the “power vertical”: they matter as rules of the
game only to the degree to which they contribute to rent-seeking (or at least do not prevent it).
(5) The power apparatus within the “power vertical” is divided into several organized groups and/
or informal cliques, which compete with each other for access to rents.
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